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Your trusted partner for audio visual rental for over 25 years

As a full-service provider for AV Equipment Rental  we offer support for all technical aspects of your event.

Together with our customers we create unique event solutions for all kind of corporate events.

Commitment to detail is what differentiates a top quality event from an average one. So everyday we are using our outstanding expertise and professionalism to ensure, that your event will be one of a kind, runs smoothly and stays in your audiences mind.

We are able to support you all over Germany and Europe – competently, individually and reliable.

Whether lighting technology, sound technology or video technology; you will find suitable conference equipment for your requirements in our comprehensive stock .

From large screens, powerful projectors with high-resolution images, to high-quality sound systems for your corporate event – we offer a one-stop solution.
Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Customer Feedback

Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation – Alexandra Hesse

“Both in the cooperation at the agency and with my current employer, speed and reliability have always convinced me!”

3K Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH – Ruth Bastuck

“You are reliable, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. A pleasant cooperation with the best quality!”

Stadtwerke Essen – Herbert Seiferheldt

“They are very reliable and work absolutely professional!”

Concept GmbH – Marion Grimm

“Mr. Bertsch and his team are always reliable, very flexible, ready to work at any time, even at very short notice, and competent.”


Green Globe sustainability certification

In spring 2010 B&B Technik + Events was certified by Green Globe as the first AV rental company worldwide.


Successful events –
AV Equipment Rental from B&B

It´s many years of experience and profound know-how that helps us to create unique experience for our customers for all kind of corporate events.

Our prime concern is customer satisfaction – this is what motivates us and takes us further.

So the team around Mike Bertsch and Catharina Käfer supports you with competent consulting, technical and organizational know-how and many years of experience in the field of audio visual hire and event management.

Because we are event enthusiasts, we believe that events are not just places where people meet and business is done.

We believe that there is also an experience behind every event. An experience that enriches people, excites and inspires them.

To create such an ambiance, we are here for you with our passion for events – experienced and reliable. With us, you can always hire suitable AV equipment for all kind of events.

Eventtechnik mieten - AV Rental

A short explanation

Do I really need professional AV equipment?

Besides a unique location, experienced speakers, an interested audience, good networking opportunities and a delicious catering, a successful event also includes last but not least AV equipment.

However, the order of priority is not the same as the above listed things. After all, how would your event run without the appropriate technical support?

There would be no sound or at most poor sound. Not all participants would be able to hear speakers well. Undeiably, the best content is worth nothing if it is not understood. For this to happen, you need an appropriate sound system for your event. This includes amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixers and microphones.

Furthermore without any AV equipment, you could see well from the first rows, at most – but what about the others? Not all participants would be able to follow the interesting speeches and contributions because there would be no translation.
Lighting and, if necessary, simultaneous interpreting equipment are indispensable for the success of your event. Presentation and video solutions are also in focus at events, because seeing and being seen should be guaranteed. That’s why we provide the best visual equipment such as high-resolution projectors.

AV Rental for conferences, congresses, seminars and more

For different types of corporate events, including conferences, congresses or seminars, different types of audio visual equipment, or AV equipment for short, is needed without a doubt.

This is where we at B&B Technik + Events come in as your reliable partner. We are specialists in providing not only high-class equipment but also the expertise to ensure that your events operate competently at every time.

In order to help you to create the best event, we ensure that you receive the best fitting AV equipment for your needs, starting with a bespoke competitive hire quotation. 

Whether complete video productions, professional sound systems or staging – we got what you need.

To make your event accessible to a wider audience, it is a good idea to plan it as a hybrid event or a livestream. With the result that you can reach participants all over the world. As soon as there is Internet, everyone can dial in flexibly.

B&B Technik+Events – a dedicated AV partner for your event and AV rental

In general most AV providers see themselves as full-service technology partners for events of all types and sizes, just like us. But besides the plain technology, we at B&B as a full service agency specifically also offer you in-depth knowledge and customer-friendly, transparent advice.

Rent your event technology from us: The creative requirements of each event appear individually. As responsible specialists for conference technology, we ensure a technically successful implementation for all types of events, whether small or large.

In conclusion, it is indeed important to have professional AV equipment. But it’s equally important to also have a dedicated partner like B&B Technik+Events to make sure your event goes as planned.

AV rental  from B&B Technik + Events – contact us, in many cities such as Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich and many more.

Perfectionist at every level
AV Equipment Rental from B&B