Lichtsteuerung Lichtpult Light Control mieten rentalHybrid mixing desks are especially suitable for operating and controlling spotlights. With a DMX controller, every spotlight can be controlled individually and even the stage setting can be varied. Other devices such as fog machines can also be controlled in the same way. Effects such as fog, soap bubbles or a firework ensure that performers or other specific elements are highlighted and provide the audience with a unique atmosphere.

Light panels as hybrid or scene lamps such as GrandMA are particularly well suited to operate and control headlights. With the so-called DMX control you can individually control each headlight and thus make the stage design variable. Other devices such. B. fog machines can be operated so. Effects such as fog, soap bubbles or fireworks make artists or certain elements stand out and give viewers a unique experience.

In this category of event technology, we also train our specialist staff and trainees. In August 2018, the last training session for the Infinity Chimp 300 was directly with the manufacturer.

In particular, lighting technology is an issue that requires high precision in the design and application. If the sound at an event is not quite clean, then this can be corrected quickly. However, if a speaker, speaker, artist or other person is on stage and the lights illuminate everything but not the person of interest, then this is, not surprisingly, semi-optimal and attracts everyone. This should be avoided. That’s why perfect, gapless preparation and rehearsal are the nuts and bolts of every use with lighting technology and the key to success. Space and time to improvise and / or correct during the event is in most cases not given, as it is often too late. THEREFORE, we attach great importance to high-quality technology and qualified personnel who can operate the equipment accordingly.

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