Lichttechnik mieten Movingheads Scheinwerfer Stufenlinsen Spotlights As well as PAR spotlights, Fresnel lenses are also conventional spotlights due to their horizontal and vertical valves that can contain the illuminated area perfectly. Unwanted diffusion of light is also avoided as the focus length can mostly be adjusted manually. Intelligent spotlights, such as moving heads and show lasers also ensure that your show will be staged to perfection

We can also provide you with gobosTemplates are placed inside a spotlight in order to display images or logos on different surfaces.

With effects such as fog, soap bubbles or a firework, you can also emphasise performers or other specific elements and create a unique atmosphere for your audience.

Protect the environment and rent sustainable LED systems. They consume less power and have a longer life than standard lamps. Our range includes floor lighting, moving heads, washers as well as LED sticks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions. For questions or requests, we are at your disposal. If there are any problems, please contact our technical staff. We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to help you with any questions you may have.











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