Seamless-Switcher – Barco – Analog Way

The seamless switcher converts all input signals from various devices into a uniform format. The beamer therefore always receives the same signal resolution on input and does not need to be switched over before projection. This avoids distracting flickering and improves the picture quality.

Hire Seamless Switcher | Analog way | BarcoThe scan converter or up/down converter converts every type of input signal into every type of output signal and thereby changes the signal resolution. This means that the device can convert all video signals up (e. g. PAL to XGA) or down (e. g. XGA to PAL) so that they can be further processed without any problem.

The VGA distributor or RGBHV distributor can control up to eight output sources at the same time. This means that a single signal can be shown on several devices, such as beamers or plasma screens, at the same time. If these sources have a different format though, you should rent a VENTUZ system.

Using a VGA convertor you can switch between up to eight laptops without any problem. The disadvantage is that the beamer must be re-synchronised continuously, which can lead to short-term image losses. If you want to avoid these disruptions, you can revert to a seamless switcher.

In addition, you can also rent the following products from us: matrix, routing switches and signal convertors.







Hire Accessoirs for Projections Equipment, Seamless Switcher

Seamless-Switcher – Barco – Analog Way

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