If it should be really loud at a major event, we recommend a large sound system such as the so-called line arrays. These are very variable in use, as they are equipped with individual speaker elements. In this way, up to twelve elements can be used. In addition, the speakers are often mounted at different angles, creating a special sound experience.

Hire Loudspeaker| Event | Conference | Congress | Germany | Frankfurt | Berlin | Hamburg | MunichThe subwoofer exclusively plays bass sounds and is therefore particularly suitable for events where music is to be played at loud volumes.

Full range loudspeakers can play the entire range of frequencies and are ideal for small parties as well as for conferences with music or video recordings. The smaller and less conspicuous alternatives are conference loud speakers that are preferably used for speech transmissions at conventions and conferences.

We can also rent out stage monitors or monitor loud speakers for conferences and concerts. As a result, the speaker can really hear every question from the audience and musicians can hear their own voices – no sound goes unheard.








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