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We can provide wireless microphone systems or radio microphones with hand-held transmitters, pocket transmitters, headsets, monitoring und broadcasting. Our range includes lavalier microphones and button or lapel microphones, hand microphones or hand-held transmitters (ideal for singers, moderators or the audience) and dynamic microphones (ideal for moderation and singing).

Instrument microphones are also in our repertoire. These ensure that even the most subtle variation in sound quality of the instruments can be optimally recorded.

“A man’s voice is his second face.” – Gérard Bauer

The voice of a musician, a loved one or a role model can trigger emotions. Of course, the content that this person of himself is in the foreground, but how do you say so beautiful, the sound makes the music. Thus, voice color and sound are a decisive factor. And these qualities must be respected and reproduced when a voice is given to the person who is holding a microphone in his hand. That’s why the quality and handling of a microphone is so important. So that from Batman becomes no Mickey Mouse, Heidi becomes no Hulk and the AfD is not an important voice.

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Conference System

We can also provide you with microphone conference systems, which are particularly appropriate for panel discussions, board meetings, general assemblies and international talks with simultaneous interpretation.











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