Interpreting booths are indispensable for those occasions when many people who operate on an international scale come together. These must meet ISO standards and provide comfortable working conditions in terms of size and equipment. We can offer you facilities with radio or infrared technology: the wireless radio technology works in the UHF range from 863 to 865 MHz and is approved across Europe. The radio-based system means that no equipment is visible to the audience. At conferences with a high degree of confidentiality or many language channels, radio technology should not be used as frequencies could overrun and there could be acoustic disturbances. In this case, it is worthwhile installing the rather more expensive infrared system. The IR transmission technology (infrared) enables sound transmission in hi-fi quality. Background nice is thereby largely avoided. It offers superb audio quality as well as complete operational reliability and protection against eavesdropping.

Simultantechnik mieten | Dolmetscheranlage | Dolmetschertechnik | Simultananlage | Übersetzungstechnik | Dolmetscherkabinen | Simultaneous interpretation equipmentThe size of the interpreting booth depends on the number of work stations needed. For example, the size of an interpreting booth for two interpreters measures approx. 1.6 x 1.6 metres in area and approx. 2 metres in height. As well as the sound-absorbing booths, the technical equipment for the booth and control electronics to manage the individual language channels, we can also provide the transmission technology and the interpreter desks.

Why your event with us an success is:

  • Over 15 years experience
  • Over 300 international events per year all over europe
  • 24/7 phone availability
  • english speaking AV technicians
  • Suit responsibility for technicians
  • Etiquette seminars for trainees
  • NO Accommodation costs for technicians – thus easily available throughout Europe.
  • Sustainable certification by GreenGlobe

We guarantee and stand with our good name to ensure that you get a perfect technical event when you book this with us.









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