Hire Multiscreen Projection, Softedge, Win over a demanding audience with professional and modern software: use the Ventuz system to give your high-end multimedia presentations the extra edge with ambitious and surprising effects.






Make your event even more impressive and informative through interactive applications (interactive touch) and integrating external data (Excel, XML etc.) as well as live camera images in SD and HD, 3D animation, complex designs, graphics and scenery.

The Watchout system also offers you the chance to display your presentations, images and videos on various output media at the same time. This real time software processes each type of format and input signal – whether PowerPoint, video or a live camera image – and determines when and where the individual images should be shown. The specifics: with the Watchout software, diverse output media (projectors, plasma, LED screens, video cubes) can be controlled at the same time.

We like to use Ventuz. The software can be used, for example, for interactive applications (interactive touch), external data (Excel, XML, etc.). Link live camera images (SD and HD), 3D animations, complex designs and graphics, and backdrops. This results in a varied projection result that is controlled with the utmost precision by our technicians. The biggest challenge with multi-screen projections is the perfect “overlap” of the individual pictures / videos. It is important to ensure that the equipment of A-Z is properly and professionally installed and installed. If this does not happen or only semi-professional, it will come in retrospect, during the event, in the worst case, to image errors to complete failure. Therefore, a trained eye and experience in construction is a must and an absolute must for any of our technicians who build and supervise this kind of events, events, etc .. Furthermore, a fine hand for the technical attitude is required. The smallest errors or negligence in precision have a great effect. Millimeter deviation on the device can make an image shift of several centimeters. That’s why our precise and reliable technology is in demand again, as well as excellent, trained specialist staff.

Another software solution is the watchout system. This real-time software handles every type of format and input signal – whether PowerPoint, video or live camera image – and determines when and where to show each image.









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