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Language as a connecting component

International congresses thrive on experts from different countries.

Visitor groups have the chance to visit a company in different languages. And political events in particular focus on exchange and communication.

Wherever people come together, it is always communication that connects them. With our technology we support you at your event.

Arbeiten am Laptop

Especially at international events, one of the biggest challenges is to overcome language barriers between the participants.

Interpretation equipment rental from B&B Technik + Events – get in touch and receive your non-binding offer.

Hire Interpretation Equipment

Whether international corporate meetings, political events, conferences, trainings or other events – with the use of the right simultaneous technology we make understanding at your event a breeze.

Rent simultaneous technology from BB Technik + Events – rent your interpreting equipment from us. Contact us, because together we will find a solution.

We offer simultaneous technology (infrared or radio receivers), which can be used to translate a presentation into up to 32 languages. In addition, we can offer you conference technology for discussion rounds.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable interpreting equipment as well as translation technology, thus guaranteeing smooth communication at your event.

Are you looking for a partner for professional simultaneous technology and the rental of conference equipment? Then you have come to the right place.

We use interpreter booths from Audipack according to ISO 4043:2016, infrared transmission from Bosch and radio technology from Beyerdynamik.

And best of all: You can rent our equipment including technical support in all European cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Prague and many other cities.

Wireless tour guide system rental

A personal tour guide system is ideal for factory and city tours in small groups.

Companies, congress organizers and event organizers as well as interpreters who rent tour guide systems instead of buying them have the advantage of easily and quickly having perfectly maintained equipment with preset broadcast channels and, of course, with fully charged batteries.

B&B is your partner for renting technology for your event.

“Sensitive parts” such as headphones are of course hygienically cleaned and repackaged after each use.

They make it possible to follow a lecture perfectly, especially when there is a lot of noise.

The wireless system consists of a handheld microphone or headset and headphones, which can be used to translate the lecture into up to 16 languages parallel

The device is small, lightweight and easy to use: The headphones are put on, the channel is selected and the volume is individually controlled via the volume wheel. In small groups of up to 20 people, the system is also suitable for use as a whispering system, in which case it can only translate into one language.

Wireless tour guide system rental by B&B

What are your advantages when you rent your people guiding system from us?

-Operation in the unregistered UHF range (863-865 MHz). Can be used throughout Europe.

-The latest UHF radio technology allows flexible use inside buildings and outdoors.

-High speech intelligibility is made possible by noise-compensated microphones.

-Can be used in multifunctional mode for several (up to 16) groups at the same time.

The product is shipped in reusable boxes and collected from you at the end of the rental period.

Contact us so that together we can find the right solution and product for you. Rent the technology for your event from us.

Simultaneous technology, conference technology, event technology, translation technology – we are your partner to equip your event with technology.

Online and remote interpreting

Benötigen Sie eine Simultanverdolmetschung für Ihre Online Konferenz oder Hybrid Veranstaltung?

Then use the RSI platform of our partner Qonda, which allows you to interpret your online event into an infinite number of languages.

Qonda is the browser-based solution for virtual simultaneous interpreting.

It offers interfaces to all common conference platforms, unlimited language combinations, experienced interpreters and an unlimited number of participants in the live stream.

Qonda is hosted in Germany and is therefore 100% GDPR compliant.

With Qonda you save time and money

Travel costs for interpreters and participants are saved and no expensive hardware is required.

We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a suitable offer for virtual interpreting.

It is important that the workplace for interpreters meets the quality standards required for simultaneous interpreting.

Keywords are: Room acoustics, quality of audio and video streams, the laptop and the headset.

Use remote interpreting, for example, for canceled events, webinars, product training, etc. – the field of application is manifold.

Remote interpreting – Livestream translation

Remote interpreting means that the interpreters work independently of the event location. Their workplace can be at home, in another part of the building or in a completely different location. The necessary audio and video signals are digitally converted by us and streamed via network to any location on the internet and also sent back again.

The interpreters can work from anywhere in the world. There are various application options for you as a customer.

Qonda offers the following options for remote interpreting:

-You use the integrated videoconferencing solution for up to 1000 participants, who can be connected via video and audio

-You use your own video conferencing solution such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Gotomeeting, etc. and the translation is done virtually via Qonda.

-Audio-only translation, where none of the participants are connected via image.

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