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Sound System

They are sounds that give you goose bumps…

Martin Luther King’s famous words “I have a dream” are still ringing in everyone’s ears today.

“Goooaaal!”, the euphoric commentator sweeps the crowd along. 

The first four notes from Beethoven’s 5th symphony are not only known among classical music fans, but have also found a worldwide audience even across genres.

Whether it’s a speech, a press conference or a concert – sounds arouse emotions.

The best content is worth nothing if it is not understood. That’s why it’s important that flawless sound reaches listeners in every corner of the room.

We offer customized sound rental solutions for your event.

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Perfect sound is the foundation of a successful corporate event, but every venue has its own acoustic conditions and requires individual solutions to achieve just that perfect sound. This is where we at B&B Technik + Events come in.

No matter what challenges your venue brings, we’ll provide the optimal sound with a matching sound system and help you find the right sound equipment. From consultation to implementation – we are here for you and will be happy to work with you to develop the perfect sound concept for your needs.
With the right equipment, the sound reaches even the last row and can be experienced by the entire audience.

Sound system rental from us for events of all types and sizes. Europe-wide and throughout Germany, for example in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne or Düsseldorf.

Audio – a brief digression

Since audio is such a broad term and it’s easy to lose track of all the technology, here’s a small list of the most important components of sound engineering.

Sound system rental at B&B Technik + Events

Microphone rental

A person’s voice can trigger emotions. Of course, the content is also in the foreground here, but voice color and tone are a decisive factor. With this in mind it is precisely these characteristics that must be preserved and reproduced. For that reason the quality and handling of a microphone are so important.

But as diverse as voices are, there is also an enormous variety in the selection of microphones designed to transmit these voices.

Microphones generally serve as voice or audio amplifiers and are used at a wide variety of events. Different requirements apply to a microphone for pure speech amplification than to an instrument microphone.

Our product range includes the most common microphone types such as lapel microphones, headset microphones, handheld microphones and lectern microphones.

In addition, you can also rent microphone conference systems (discussion equipment) from us, which are particularly suitable for discussion rounds, board meetings, general meetings and international meetings with simultaneous translations.


Even the most athletic and intelligent person on earth is nothing without their heart.
The heart supplies the body with blood. Whether arms, legs or brain – nothing works without the heart.

It’s the same with the mixing console in sound engineering.

The most powerful sound systems and the best microphones are of no use without a good mixing console, because it is the linchpin of the sound system.

A mixing console is where the different audio signals from the various sources come together. Here they are controlled, mixed and output again. Whether for live events, hybrid events or livestreams – the mixing console helps to create a harmonious sound for the audience.

Together with our experienced and competent sound engineers, the digital mixing consoles you can rent from us are an unbeatable combination and a guarantee for a perfect audio experience!


Just like microphones and mixing consoles, amplifiers play an essential role in audio engineering.

Both microphone signals and audio content played back via laptops, iPads, etc. are continuously amplified with an amplifier and passed on to the speakers. In this way, the sound is made audible to all participants.
Amplifiers also come in different power levels, depending on the area of application.

Of course, we take into account the size of your event as well as the wishes of the audience when selecting an amplifier. Correspondingly you will always get the right amplifier for all our passive loudspeakers.

Rent the sound equipment for your next event now – we will be happy to advise you.

Loudspeaker and sound system

Besides microphones, loudspeakers might be the most obvious items that come to mind of most people when thinking about sound equipment. Loudspeakers are used to reproduce speech or music and are an indispensable part of the sound system for any event.

They are available in many different designs, but not every loudspeaker is suitable for every application. Without the right loudspeakers, it is impossible to provide (large) areas with sound as evenly as possible.

Inconspicuous and yet present.

Whether it is a large event or a gala event, a conference or a press conference, none of this is possible without loudspeakers.

Loudspeakers, as an important element of sound systems, emphasize the professional side of your event. Like the other components, loudspeakers must be precisely matched to the respective requirements and local conditions.

We are happy to help you with this, because we have the right loudspeakers for your event. Our range includes line arrays, subwoofers and full-range speakers. You can rent both active and passive models from us. Our loudspeakers are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a professional sound system for their event.

Rent sound equipment– contact us.


Whenever you want to record analog audio signals in a computer, such as from a microphone or keyboard, you need an audio interface. This is especially the case with hybrid events or livestreams, where communication between participants on site and virtual participants needs to be ensured.
Since computers can only process digital signals, it is essential to convert the analog signals into digital ones. This is what the audio interface is for. An audio interface is an external sound card for the computer and the interface between the analog input signal and the computer.


When music or sound is to be played from a laptop, tablet PC or similar, a small inconspicuous box comes into play – the DI box.
It converts the audio signal from the source (i.e. the laptop) so that it can be further processed by the professional audio equipment (in most cases a mixing console).
It doesn’t matter if you want to play videos with sound during your presentation, or maybe some music when entering the stage, or simply some light background music in the exhibitor area of your event. DI-boxes have long been part of the standard repertoire of event technology to offer these possibilities.
A DI-box is also indispensable for the connection of virtual participants. Because even the best virtual presentation can only be appreciated if the participants on site can also hear it.


You want to make your event more interactive and want to involve your attendees more? The throwable Catchbox microphone cube makes this possible. Instead of passing around a handheld microphone, the soft and very lightweight Catchbox can simply be thrown. And even if catching doesn’t work out so well, it’s no problem – the catchbox microphone is well protected. The anti-microbial and dirt-repellent fabric also makes the Catchbox both durable and robust.

Cables and accessories

Whether adapters (cables), intercom systems or stands – sound technology accessories are an important part of all sound systems. Only with the right cables and the right accessories, it is possible for sound systems to fully convince. With us you can rent the technical equipment that will make your event a success.

Sound equipment rental – and perhaps you are also interested in our other AV services, which you can hire from us?

Hybrid events

Hybrid events are very popular and are becoming increasingly so, as social acceptance of them has increased enormously due to current events and improved technical possibilities.

If you want to achieve a high reach and offer participants flexibility and independence of location, hybrid events are ideal. A hybrid event can be attended from virtually anywhere in the world, and congresses, seminars and workshops take on a whole new, digital character.

Whether classic frontal lectures, product presentations, panel discussions or specialist conferences – they can all be streamed live in audio and video. Presentations can be shared online and a lively exchange is possible via chats. Even spoken contributions from the virtually connected participants are possible.

With detailed planning and the right technology, you can host meetings, congresses and seminars with high quality and high knowledge exchange, regardless of the physical people present. Your participants are presented with a completely new virtual event world with enormous added value.

Because communication is everything

Virtual events are not a one-way communication street, but live from and with the interaction of all participants.
The aim is to convey content and make it tangible. To create a space for exchange between organizers, speakers and attendees.
A hybrid event thus functions as a digital communication and discussion platform during a real event.

No matter if kick off, shareholder meetings, conferences and much more – no matter if 10 or 1000 participants – we provide the appropriate technology for that certain something. Because your event is guaranteed to be positively remembered by you and your guests. Of course, this also applies to purely virtual livestreams.

Rent sound equipment for your virtual event – get in touch with us. For your events in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz, Munich an much more cities.

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