AV Equipment Rental for Hybrid Events, Online Conferences and Livestreaming


Hybrid Events

If you ask about the future of events, the term “hybrid” inevitably comes up – in other words, splitting an event into an on-site presence part with the additional option of digital participation.

Hybrid events are very popular and are becoming increasingly so.

Social acceptance of them has increased enormously due to current events and improved technical possibilities.

We would be happy to advise you on the topic of AV Equipment rental for hybrid events and livestream.

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Online events and livestream

Hybrid events, online events, and livestream technology are great if you want to achieve high reach and offer participants flexibility and location independence. A hybrid event can be attended from virtually anywhere in the world. Congresses, seminars and workshops take on a whole new digital character. Classic frontal lectures, product presentations, panel discussions or specialist conferences can be streamed live in audio and video, presentations can be shared online, and a lively exchange is possible via chats, discussion forums and live blogs.

When planning hybrid events, you need to offer the audience and live participants the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other and with the speakers.

With detailed planning and the right technology, it is possible to hold meetings, congresses and seminars with high quality and high knowledge exchange, regardless of the people physically present. Your participants are presented with a completely new virtual event world with enormous added value.

No matter if kick off, shareholder meetings, conventions and much more – no matter if 10 or 10.000 participants – we provide with our suitable technology – also virtually – for that certain something, so that your event is guaranteed to be remembered by you and your guests.

Virtual events are not a one-way communication street, but live from and with the interaction of all participants.

The aim is to convey content and make it tangible, and to create a space for exchange between event organizers, speakers and guests.

A hybrid event functions as a digital communication and discussion platform during a real event.

But do hybrid events only have positive sides?

Here are a few pros and cons of such an event:


Cost reduction: less travel costs, lower location costs / less exhibition space (rent) etc.

Range: No matter where in the world, anyone can participate – very high reach

Sustainability: Compared to physical events, virtual events leave only a marginal environmental footprint due to lower CO2 emissions

Time: no time-consuming arrival and departure


Contact: direct and physical interaction between the participants is missing, lack of facial expressions and gestures promotes misunderstandings and possibly impedes communication

Health: Just being in a home office without exercise and fresh air can result in adverse health effects.

Therefore, it is important not to underestimate the effort to implement a virtual event.

Together with you, we will develop a strategy to make your virtual event a success. The possibilities here are almost unlimited:

Do you want every participant to be connected with picture and sound?

Do you want a webinar with 1000 people, where you can still connect everyone?

A livestream for 10,000 participants or more all over the world?

Together we will discuss your wishes and create an individual concept for your hybrid event.

A well-thought-out control room plan created in advance, the development of a detailed agenda, rehearsals in advance – we are at your side as an experienced partner for all of this.

It is also important that professional staff can quickly provide a solution in the rare event of a malfunction. With our professional technicians* for light, sound, camera and EDP, we are reliably at your side with our experienced team.

Plan AV Equipment for hybrid event and livestream?

We will be happy to advise you and provide strategic support for the following issues as well:

-Joint creation of the event concept

-Integration of voting and feedback tools

-Integration of workshops and breakout rooms

-Q&A functions

-Template for a control room plan

-Providing videos

We have the right AV Equipment for rentals for your hybrid events

Renting AV Equipment for hybrid events and livestream – the possibilities and variety of hybrid events and online conferences are very large and complex.

Basically, hybrid concepts are very planning-intensive, with many agreements and a definition of the format that is as precise as possible, which must be worked out in advance. In the best case, you involve us already in your planning phase and together we find a solution for almost any budget. Together we define the goal of your event and what needs to be emphasized. Good planning is half the battle. For example, does it have to be a hybrid conference or is a pure web conference with livestream also sufficient?

A hybrid event is also an opportunity to provide the audience or participants with a flexible, sustainable and interactive option for the event form. Often, participants are not interested in all the presentations or topics of an event. Hybrid technology allows them to decide where they want to join and where they don’t. As a result, their work time is not completely lost or their free time is not completely cut. The same applies to speakers. They don’t have to spend the whole day at the event until their presentation arrives, but can only join in for their speech.

Live Stream

Our digitalized world makes it possible for people all over the world to participate in events of all kinds via live streaming.

Live streaming means streaming media (video or audio) online in real time (live).

In addition, this technology gives you the opportunity to hold so-called webinars, i.e. seminars that take place on the web and are therefore location-independent. For example, you can organize a training course for your employees that can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Using our servers and Internet platform, you can bring your conferences and events live or on demand to the Internet.

For your participants we can provide a variety of cameras for the live image, the presentations or in combination for live image and presentation.

Would you like to offer your participants a paid solution? This is also no problem. Just contact us.

Chat functions and survey options make your livestream interesting and interactive. We will be happy to integrate these functions into your livestream if required. It is also no problem to add speakers from other locations.

Let people around the globe participate in your event and create your international event.

With the help of a live stream (real-time transmission) or webcasts, participants from all over the world can join in live via the Internet and follow the events.

We are there to advise you right from the start and offer our many years of know-how and the appropriate hardware in the area of livestreaming.

Do you need a livestreaming studio in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich or other cities in germany or europe? We are happy to support you with contacts in our regional network.

Direction live stream

The signal is often digitally converted by means of encoder software and can thus be transmitted via a digital transmission channel (e.g. the Internet). Depending on the degree of compression and transmission quality, various streaming codes are used.

With our platform we offer you the possibility to record this completely online. We provide you with the appropriate codes so that you can embed the livestream on your website and offer you the possibility of a multistream or restream on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or other target platforms.

Thus, you have the possibility that you can present your livestream on various channels at the same time.

Online and remote interpreting

Do you need simultaneous interpretation for your online conference or hybrid event?

Then use the RSI platform of our partner Qonda, which allows you to interpret your online event into an infinite number of languages.

Qonda is the browser-based solution for virtual simultaneous interpreting.

It offers interfaces to all common conference platforms, unlimited language combinations, experienced interpreters and an unlimited number of participants in the live stream.

Qonda is hosted in Germany and is therefore 100% GDPR compliant.

With Qonda you save time and money:

Travel costs for interpreters and participants are saved and no expensive hardware is required.

We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a suitable offer for virtual interpreting.

It is important that the workplace for interpreters* meets the quality standards required for simultaneous interpreting.

Keywords are: Room acoustics, quality of audio and video streams, the laptop and the headset.

Use remote interpreting, for example, for canceled events, webinars, product training, etc. – the field of application is manifold.

Remote interpreting – Livestream translation

In remote interpreting, the interpreters work independently of the event location. Their workplace can be at home, in another part of the building or in a completely different location. This is called remote interpreting. The necessary audio and video signals are digitally converted by us and streamed via network to any location on the Internet and also sent back again.

RSI/Remote interpreting with Qonda

If you want to use Qonda, there must be a workstation for the interpreters that is independent of the venue.

This can either be in a neighboring room, in another part of the building or in the interpreter’s home.

The interpreters can work from anywhere in the world. There are several possible applications for you as a customer.

Qonda offers the following options for remote interpreting:

-You use the integrated videoconferencing solution for up to 1000 participants, who can be connected via image and sound

-You use your own video conferencing solution such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, Gotomeeting, etc. and the translation is done virtually via Qonda.

-Audio-only translation, where none of the participants are connected via image

-Livestream interpreting to the whole world.

The important thing is that the interpreters do not have to travel with Qonda and can interpret your conference or livestream from anywhere in the world.

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