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Projector Rental and Video Equipment

“Change the frame and you see a different picture.” – Michael Marie Jung

Chesley Sullenberger lands a US Airways plane in the Hudson River outside Manhattan. 

Neil Armstrong standing next to the American flag on the moon.

Pictures for eternity. Because images work. 

And they help to convey content, arouse emotions and create attention. 

Today, powerful visualization systems are a necessary part of modern and diverse event concepts and often guarantee the success of congresses and events. Success is measured quite simply: If you manage to inspire and entertain your demanding audience, the event will be remembered.

Projector rental from B&B Technik – in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and much more.

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Projection Equipment Rental and more

It is hard to imagine an event without a projector. Projectors project still or moving images from a visual output device (e.g. a laptop) in an enlarged form onto a screen.

As with all technical components, there are of course differences in the quality of projectors. To ensure that you can rely on perfect quality, we leave nothing to chance. At B&B you can only rent projectors that come from selected manufacturers and are designed for professional use. Our brand devices are technically perfectly matched and get the maximum out of your content.


Video Projectors come in a variety of designs. They must be carefully planned individually for each event, depending on the spatial conditions and requirements.

With us you can rent small projectors with zoom lenses, which are suitable for demanding presentations in the video and data area and can be used in smaller rooms. Such a projector is usually in the power range from 2,500 to 6,000 ANSI lumens.
In addition, we offer LCD high-performance projectors and projectors with low-maintenance laser lamps, with convenient motor control for vertical and horizontal lens shift, zoom and focus. This type of projector is suitable for medium and larger halls. The light output ranges from 6,000 to 15,000 ANSI lumens.

DLP projectors are also suitable for medium to large halls.

They are characterized by particularly true and full color reproduction. The high contrast ratio ensures, among other things, the perfect display of the finest gray scales. Like the LCD high-performance projectors, they feature convenient motor control for vertical and horizontal lens shift, zoom and focus. The light output ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 ANSI lumens.

All LCD and DLP projectors are compatible with the world’s color standards. With interchangeable lenses, they can be used flexibly for rear, close-up and long-distance projections.

We will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable projector for your event.


Projection screens are divided into different types and vary both in size and format. They are available as front projection variants, where the projector is placed in front of the screen, or as rear projection variants, where the projector is placed behind the screen.

Whether it is a product presentation or a lecture, screens are indispensable in numerous cases. They ensure that the participants get a better overview of the presented content and are therefore an important component at many conferences.

Our high-quality fastfold screens are in 16:9 format and thus correspond to the current standard format. With us, you can rent fastfold screens of the AV Stumpfl brand as well as individual solutions with integrated projection surfaces on branded backdrops.


A flat screen is not only ideal for concentrated work on the PC. Monitors will also serve you well at your next event when playing presentations or animations. Are you looking for brilliant colors and high contrasts that remain easily recognizable even in well-lit rooms?

From 24″ PC monitors to 103″ displays- we offer a wide selection of high-quality LED and LCD monitors that are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired.

Rent info displays with touch screen from us for congresses, conferences and other events. The infodisplays are extremely narrow with 7cm and can also be used as monitor stele, advertising stele, interactive display stele or as digital signals.
Replace traditional posters by stelae with a modern appearance. Through an integrated Mini-PC you show your content like animations, movies, graphics, photos or texts for your potential customers. The application areas of the display stelae are almost unlimited.

Cables and accessories

Whether adapters, capture cards, signal converters or truss stands and tripods, video technology accessories are an important part of event technology. Only with the right cables and the right accessories can the video technology be fully convincing. With us you can rent the technical equipment that will make your event a success.

Projector Rental at B&B Technik + Events – get in touch and receive an offer.

“I spy with my little eye …” – Don’t worry! With us, you have a clear view

Since video is such a broad term and it is easy to lose track of all the technology, here is a small list of the most important components of event technology in the field of video and projection technology.

Camera equipment

Cameras can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Livestreams and hybrid events in particular would be inconceivable without them. But cameras can also be used to capture impressions of the event.
In any case, cameras help to visually underscore the event and capture important moments for eternity.

We offer a wide range of different cameras to be prepared for every camera situation and room size. In addition, we can provide you with professional cameramen. No matter if you’re planning a conference, a congress, a press conference, a livestream or any other kind of event, just contact us.

Seamless Switcher

Although these unobtrusively devices always work only in the background, they are indispensable for professional video productions and form the core of the video direction.

Whether it’s a presentation from a laptop, a camera image or the live feed, this is where all the video signals come together. The Seamless Switcher converts all incoming signals from different devices into a standardised format. For example, with a seamless switcher a projector always receives the same signal resolution and does not have to switch before projection. This avoids annoying flickering and improves image quality.

Speakers have last-minute changes to make to their presentations, but the current presentation is still in full swing? No problem. By working with at least 2 laptops connected to a switcher, it is possible to switch seamlessly between the two sources. In this situation the next lecture can be revised quickly while another lecture is still running. When it is time for the next presentation, the revised presentation appears on the screen without long transition times or visible searching in file paths or on desktops.

Since we attach great importance to professionalism, seamless switchers are a standard feature of every video production. We will be happy to advise you if you decide to rent video equipment from us.

Whether live broadcast or recording

Inspire your audience and capture the special moments of your event.

Not only at seminars but also at large events, video technology helps to ensure that all participants can experience what’s happening on stage. And when the naked eye fails, the right visual equipment comes into play. Even if your event goes beyond all dimensions, your guests can follow what is happening by means of transmissions. If necessary from anywhere.

With the right use of video technology, interest in a topic can be targeted and important content can be visually emphasized.

No matter whether it is a large event or a presentation on a smaller scale: We support you in the visual planning of your event and supply the appropriate video technology.

At B&B Technik + Events you will find innovative video equipment. From projectors and monitors to cameras and technical equipment in the background (such as video mixers, distributors and much more). You can rent our video equipment individually or as a full-service package with trained video technicians for the installation and support of the equipment for your event.

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