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Because the boards that mean the success of your event want to be expertly planned and built.

That’s why you should hire the right stage for your event from us, because we can reconcile your requirements and individual design. For this purpose, we work with reliable local partners throughout Germany and Europe and, thanks to this cooperation, can offer you your stage individually and particularly cost-effectively.

We will be happy to advise you and implement your ideas precisely for you.


Stage background

Do you want to enhance your event with a professional stage backdrop?

Place speakers and panelists in front of your logo or that of your sponsors to increase visibility and reach the entire auditorium.

A well-composed, professional stage backdrop will add value to your event and impress both participants and press. Let us advise you on size, fit and motif design.

The fabric is ordered individually for you. Smaller sizes are made of so-called Keder fabric, which is stretched in an aluminium frame. For larger stage backdrops, the fabric is eyed and stretched on a traverse frame.

We can also integrate the projection screen directly into the print. This means that no additional screen needs to be set up and covered – the projection is simply thrown onto a white recess in the print and vividly displayed there.

If you have any questions about printing options, sizes and the like, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us, because we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a non-binding offer.


Do you already know our digital lectern?

It contains a 49″ front monitor in full HD that can display any type of content.

For example, the name and other information of the speaker, event title, logos and animations up to videos.

If desired, a 24″ preview monitor can also be installed on the “storage area”.

Of course, we also have “analogue” lecterns in addition to the digital lectern.

For example, lecterns in aluminium look or plain white.

It is also possible to attach printed front panels to our lecterns, for example with individual motifs, event titles or the like.

We will be happy to do the printing for you.


Truss constructions form the basis for impressive stages or exhibition stands. Whether projector, loudspeaker or spotlight, they all have to be attached to truss lines. This makes it all the more important to plan and calculate the loads and positions for the appropriate event technology for your event. B&B offers you high-quality rigging equipment at fair rental conditions and thus also supports you at your event.

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