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Because it is light that creates a mood…

Light is generally considered the absence of darkness, because it allows us to perceive our environment with our eyes.
But how much light also influences our mood is probably clear to everyone by now.
Light enchants people, can set accents and arouse emotions.

Let us put your event in the right light. Because with the right combination of the type of lighting, color temperature and brightness, we not only take into account the architectural requirements of the location, but also your event motto. With our lighting concepts, we create exactly the mood you want for your guests.

From discreet stage lighting, where speakers are also visually brought into focus, to opulent evening events, where you can make your guests shine with well-placed lighting technology.

Whether Fresnel lens spotlights, moving lights or LED PAR spotlights – with our equipment we don’t have to sell ourselves short.

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Lighting rental equipment – an overview

Since lighting is such a broad term and it’s easy to lose track of all the technology, here’s a small list of the most important components of lighting and lighting technology for corporate events.

Conventional spotlight

Probably the best-known conventional headlights are the fresnel lens spotlights. The light from this type of spotlights is focused by the ring-shaped steps, which become steeper towards the outside. However, this also results in an increased amount of stray light. The illuminated area can be limited with the aid of a usually manually adjustable focal point of the lamp and barndoors. Fresnel lens spotlights are mostly used for general illumination of a stage.

If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a clearly defined illuminated area whose demarcation from the dark area is precise and exact, profile spotlights come into play. Profile spotlights are available with manual and automatic focus and can often also be equipped with color wheels or gobo wheels, for example, to project logos or similar.


Scanners are multifunctional headlights in which the movement of the light beam is effected by an electromechanically movable mirror. The properties of the light beam (such as shape and color) can be changed by the so-called “effect unit”, which is installed between the illuminant and the light exit aperture. Due to the low mass of the moving mirror, the light beam can be positioned quickly in scanners, but the radius of action is limited.

Moving heads

Moving heads are, as the name suggests, head-mounted spotlights. They are freely movable multifunctional spotlights in which the “head” of the unit with the light source can usually be swiveled around two axes.

Moving heads can be further differentiated into spots and washlights, among others.


Spots are profile lights that correspond to the conventional profile spotlight. The beam of a spot has sharp edges and enables the projection of sharp images. Spots usually have one or more color wheels, gobo wheels, and zoom and focus functions; color wheels allow different colors to be created, with continuous color mixing possible. Gobo wheels are used to swivel gobos into the beam path, which can be used to project symbols or logos, among other things. With the zoom, different exit angles of the light beam are made possible and with the help of the focus, the light beam can be made sharp or blurred. Rent lighting equipment in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and other cities.


Washlights can be compared to conventional fresnel lens spotlights, as they also have a fresnel lens as an exit lens, giving them a fuzzy light beam with softly tapered edges. Because of the relatively wide exit angle, washers are used to illuminate large areas. Because washers are usually equipped with LED lamps, the light color can be quickly changed flexibly and continuously. Thus, all colors of the RGB color space can usually be reliably displayed. Washers are often also equipped with a movable lens that enables different light beam exit angles.

Lighting control desks

Lighting control consoles are usually used to control more complex lighting systems, because in addition to dimming functions for the lamps, the complex consoles often have many other functions. For example, lighting scenes can be stored and recalled in any order and effects, as well as fade-in and fade-out times can also be assigned. Since not everyone can operate a lighting control desk, we rely on trained and competent staff to ensure that your lighting design gets the green light.

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